Profile on Tiki with Ray Blog

Head on over to the Tiki with Ray Blog to learn more about our backstory and journey, thanks to the “Tiki Blogging” profile and interview.

Tiki Blogging #10 – The Search for The Ultimate Mai Tai (Kevin Crossman)

Ray has been a really important part of my reintroduction into the tiki scene over the past few years, starting with his blog and later his YouTube channel. Ray seems to know everyone, and they’re often featured on his blog.

In my day job I have had the opportunity to travel to the Seattle area a few times over the past few years and I’ve met up with Ray and some of the other Seattle Ohana. We have had some great adventures in the Seattle/Tacoma area!

Seattle Sightseeing

It’s always fun when Ray rolls into town for visit. The photo below is from last year’s meetup at Forbidden Island in Alameda. There’s nobody in this world who makes me laugh as much as Ray does. It was also my pleasure to help Ray out by monitoring the camera for  two Tiki with Ray Live episodes in late 2019. 

Ray gave me the opportunity to do several guest blog posts on his blog, covering tiki bars in the Bay Area. And I guested on his YouTube show a couple times. So, it’s truly an honor to be featured on Ray’s blog, one of the seminal resources in the Third Wave of Tiki.

Tiki with Ray hamming it up


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