Kon-Tiki Expedition Summary

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Kon-Tiki Expedition Summary 100 rums in 28 visits. 3.57 per visit* First rum December 12, 2018 Last rum December 4, 2019 (357 days) First rum: Appleton 12 Last rum: Plantation OFTD Two of my favorites! Standout Rums: Banks Five Island, Cadenhead’s Classic, Clarin Vaval, Denizen Merchant’s Reserve, Doctor Bird Jamaican, El Dorado 8, English Harbour 5 yr, Foursquare 2004 Bourbon Cask Finish, Hamilton Demerara 86, Hamilton Jamaican Pot Still Black, Hamilton New York Blend (West Indies 1670 Blend), Hamilton St. Lucia 7 yr, Island Distillers Okelehao, Novo Fogo Tanager Cachaca, Old Harbor Barrelflag Navy Strength, Pampero Anniversario, Plantation Jamaica 2002, Plantation Stiggins Fancy Pineapple, Pusser’s Gunpowder Strength, Real McCoy 5 year, Rhum JM XO, Richland Georgia, Rum Fire, Saint Benevolence 5 yr, Skipper, Smith & Cross. And three wildcard rums: Veller Hampden 2011, Velier Worthy Park, Cane Land/Three Rolls White Rum. This is actually a fairly wide list of rums, with an obvious lean to the English-style rum countries (Jamaica, Barbados, Guyana). I did come to appreciate the Agricole style more over the course of the Expedition, though it’s still not my favorite. Note (*): there were a few visits that coincided with rum producers offering tastings (Hamilton Rum, pictured). So, I was able to check a bunch off in one night (for free!) without having to consume the full 1.5 oz pour. For completing the Expedition, you get a custom glaze of Kon-Tiki’s fanciful and incredibly large mug, designed by Woody Miller. This brown glaze was the first choice of both myself and Mrs. Mai Tai. You also get a plaque with your name. This turned out great for this particular Mai Tai enthusiast. It’s now on display. I’d encourage anyone interested in learning more about rum to take the Kon-Tiki Expedition. A great selection and no super expensive pours on the list. The Kon-Tiki bartenders were quite helpful throughout the process as well, indicating where certain rums were best to be tasted neat vs. in a daiquiri, and helping with some wildcard picks. #tiki #tikibar #tikidrinks #tikiculture #tropicaldrinks #craftcocktails #rum #rhum #maitai #1944maitai #oakland

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