Secret Island Tiki Lounge, Long Beach Speakeasy Tiki Bar

We met up with some of Mrs Mai Tai’s friends at this downtown Long Beach speakeasy-style tiki bar. Located in the basement under Shannon’s Corner, Secret Island Tiki Lounge has a fantastic entrance experience that has to be witnessed to be fully understood.

Inside there’s a long bar with tables and booths just behind. Intimate but not too small. The decor of the bar is modern, with black light, and the music is modern tropical. Not too clubby but not vintage either. Decor in the back is pretty traditional with some nice bamboo and tikis throughout.

Pele’s Throne

Food was was mostly good Pu-Pu style apps, with the pineapple fried rice being a highlight and the spam misubi being the only lowlight. We had prompt and friendly service.

Cocktails overall were pretty good. The Mai Tai (and perhaps others) was batched but at least was competent and plenty boozy. Their signature drink Pele’s Fire was on the spicy side but really good and is plenty large. This fire bowl could easily be shared. Be sure to sit in Pele’s throne for a photo.

Straddling modern and traditional, party time and relaxing lounge, Secret Island is a sort of jack of all trades, master of none. If you don’t have a good time you’re not trying hard enough.

Hardcore Tiki Marketplace at Bamboo Club

Mrs. Mai Tai has spring break from teaching so we are taking a trip to Southern California. Our first day was to get us as far as Anaheim for some socially distant gazes at Mickey’s house. We did arrive locally early enough for us to check out the last hour of the Hardcore Tiki Marketplace taking place at Bamboo Club in Long Beach.

This was a nice tiki marketplace with about 10 vendors. We picked up this painting by Ken Ruzic that will go great in our bedroom.

The Bamboo Club was open indoors and also with their very large covered outdoor space, so we opted for an early dinner. The DJ was playing garage rock which I didn’t love at first (it was pretty loud), though the ecclectic set of patrons demonstrating their retro rock sensibilities seemd to be loving it. I liked it more after my Mai Tai.

The cocktails at Bamboo Club were pretty good. My Mai Tai was good, not great, but more than passable. Meanwhile Mrs. Mai Tai loved her Fluffy Banana (which I agreed was excellent). We enjoyed the food, too. I had Spam & Eggs and Julie had a veggie curry which she said was outstanding.

We took a peek at the indoor portion and this place seems like a dark, dirty and retro tiki bar. Very cool, and glad we made it this time.