Crab Rangoon Dip at The Kon-Tiki

Here’s a welcome return to the food menu at Oakland’s venerable Kon-Tiki.

The Crab Rangoon dip features crab and bay shrimp, melted cheese, and sweet chili sauce. Served with savory wonton chips that stand up to the dip. It’s pretty good and probably best if you’re able to share with others.

Trader Vic’s Lunch

My company gave me the day off for a “wellness day” and so I popped over to Trader Vic’s Emeryville for a low-key lunch.

There are really few things that are as good as Crab Rangoon from Trader Vic’s when served fresh and hot. So delightful with the sauces too.

I also really enjoyed the Aloha Bowl with Kalua Pork. Some really great flavors here, including the salad portion with Trader Vic’s dressing.

Was sad to see that one of the statues outside the front door was split in half and the other one was completely missing. They’d been victims of vandalism (see the older photo) in the past and looks like they finally met their end.