Orange and Black Cocktail

It is Aloha Friday and opening day for all Major League Baseball teams. To celebrate, I made this cocktail in honor of our home team San Francisco Giants, known colloquially as “the Orange and Black.” It’s a refreshing cocktail perfect for finally being able to relax on the weekend with a baseball game.

Orange and Black
1 oz Lime Juice
2½ oz Orange Juice (fresh-squeezed Valencia recommended)
¾ oz Coconut Creme
½ oz Blood Orange Cordial (Liber & Co.)
½ oz Light Rum (I used Cruzan)
Shake with ice and pour into a tall glass
Float with 1½ oz Black Rum (I used Dark Rum from local favorite Trader Vic’s)

Orange and Black

Opening Day! Let’s go SF Giants

My two hobbies collided today when I received a new bottle of rum, the Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof. I made a Gunpowder Grog (thanks Alex Fritch for the suggestion) and it’s delicious. Lime, Demerara syrup, and plenty of Pussers rum.

It is opening day for baseball, finally. So the cocktail is in a mug from a former Polynesian Heritage night at the ballpark. Along with a Johnny Cueto bobblehead.


Oakhana Down the Hatch Game 2020

I grew up in the 1970s, which meant that it was impossible to not be aware of the seminal 1970s game show, Match Game. It was one of my favorites back then, and remains a favorite today. 

So, I decided to put together a Match Game themed game show for the tiki ohana community based in Oakland, the Oakhana. We met up on Zoom and everyone dressed up so fabulously. And everyone was well lubricated, a Match Game tradition.

Questions ranged from “dumb” things to put into a Mai Tai, the country that makes the best rum, tiki artists, naughty cocktails, and a few Oakland-specific questions. Plus two Audience Match rounds and two Super Match challenges.

There was a primary game and then a “second round” using some alternative questions with the same panelists but different contestants. Hope you enjoy.

Happy National Daiquiri Day

This recipe was promoted by Trader Vic’s today so I thought I’d make it. Gave me the excuse to open a new bottle of Probitas, my favorite white rum.

Trader Vic’s Daiquiri
1½ oz Light Rum (Probitas)
¾ oz Lime Juice
¼ oz Maraschino Liqueur
½ tsp Sugar

I’d cut the Maraschino in half next time. But little riffs on the traditional Daiquiri recipe are always welcome.

Making More Ultimate Mai Tai Rum

All out of Mai Tai rum. Time to make some more.

Use in equal parts:

  • Appleton Estate Rare Blend Aged 12 Years (“Appleton 12”)
  • Smith & Cross Traditional Jamaica Rum
  • Plantation OFTD
  • Plantation Xaymaca

Pro-tip: filling up a bottle in this way has much easier math if you are using a 1 liter bottle, rather than 750 ml. An old Coruba bottle works nicely.

Happy World Rum Day

It’s also National Mojito Day, but while I’ll happily order a Mojito at a restaurant when there are no better choices, you know that’s not really my drink. Instead I’m choosing to celebrate World Rum Day (the second Saturday in July). This important occasion was christened just last year by Paul Jackson of

The Mai Tai tonight is a traditional 1944 Mai Tai with the most expensive rum in my collection – Foursquare 2007. It’s delicious. Of course, as a rum-forward cocktail it stands to reason that this fabulous rum would serve as a great base. And at ~60% ABV it backs a punch, too. Everything coming out of Foursquare right now is amazing, and though some of their expressions are priced at a premium I feel good about the quality of the spirt in the bottle.

The glass is by The Kon-Tiki in Oakland, where I sampled 100 rums and completed the Kon-Tiki Expedition late last year. They’ve got a great collection of rums and someday I’ll be able to sample more of them.

Aloha Friday and National Pina Colada Day

And look! The incredible Eye of the Tiki mug from Vantiki has arrived. There have been plenty of things to be bummed about in 2020, but this mug and the fine folks behind Tiki-Kon are not one of them. This two-sided mug turned out great, and Justin and Greg of Tiki-Kon have handled everything so professionally and with love, including getting these mugs out very quickly. I couldn’t be happier with the mug.

For National Pina Colada day I prepared two cocktails with Cruzan Rum as the base. Mine was a Pina Colada with a float of Pussers rum, whereas Mrs. Mai Tai enjoyed her Pina Colada in the Forbidden Island “Chamborlada” style with Chambord Liqueur. Delish.