Giffard Orgeat

Speaking of Orgeat… I finally obtained a bottle of this and put it to the test. Giffard is a product of a brand who’s liqueurs I really love, especially their Blue Curacao and Banane du Brésil. So, I was really eager to try this.

A unique aspect to Giffard’s Orgeat is that it is somehow shelf-stable and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Handy, since it is such a large bottle. Ingredients are sugar, water, and almond flavoring (including almond extract).

This tastes okay when sampled directly but when I made the Mai Tai there was a strange and unpleasant aftertaste. Perhaps your mileage will vary, but I’ll stick the Orgeat you have to store in the fridge.

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  1. I don’t have the same reaction to the finish but different orgeats may taste better than others depending on the orange liqueur and the rum in the drink. I’ve been mixing Grand Marnier and Clémont Creole Shrubb lately.
    I know orange liqueurs react very differently with different tequilas.

  2. I know BG Reynolds is frequently considered the top orgeat, but it isn’t even orgeat. There is no orange or rose water. There isn’t any non-almond flavorings added, natural or artificial. It’s just almond syrup for people that want orgeat that doesn’t taste like orgeat.

    Even Torani adds orange flower water; not that I’d switch to that.

    While I do like Liber and Co. best, Giffard is available at a local store and the price is low enough at $20/liter that I don’t need to make it myself.

    I haven’t tried it in a Mai-Tai yet, but I have mixed it in another drink that used much less and it was quite good.

    Tasted straight, there is an interesting aftertaste. I’d say it tastes like a old cedar wood. To be fair, Libers’ tasted plain has a chalky texture and overly floral character. That’s why you add it in small quantities to a drink.

    I’ll definitely try this in a Mai Tai in a few days though. I’m quite curious.

  3. I polled some users and nobody agreed with this sort of hard-line. I think Orange or Rose water is useful in Orgeat, but it isn’t required. You’re looking for an almond-based syrup.

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