No Tai Mai Tai at Home

Was feeling like I wanted something tropical but without the booze, so I thought I’d try the “No Tai Mai Tai” that offer at Trader Vic’s. Since I have a bottle of the Trader Vic’s Mai Tai Concentrate this seemed like a good test.

When I’ve had this in the restaurants, the flavor unexpectedly leaned very heavy in the orange direction – so much that I thought orange juice was added. But having made it at home just with equal parts of lime juice and Mai Tai Concentrate I taste the same thing. This is really curious because when I make a Mai Tai with the Concentrate (albeit with a slightly higher proportion of citrus) it doesn’t taste so orange-forward.

In any case, this isn’t bad.

No Tai Mai Tai
1½ oz Lime Juice
1½ oz Trader Vic’s Mai Tai Concentrate
Shake with crushed ice and garnish with lime wedge and mint

Trader Vic’s Mai Tai Concentrate is available in their Online Store.