Batched Mint Julep

Our friends have a yearly Christmas party with a different theme each year. This year the theme was Kentucky Derby, so I volunteered to make a batched version of a Mint Julep.

The typical Mint Julep recipe is nearly all Bourbon, so this one has a bit more sugar and water. Nonetheless it was quite boozy, as we are all feeling today. The small cups filled with ice were an attempt to limit the intake, but some of us succeeded better than others.

The mint syrup was made to a higher volume but you can see the ratio below. The syrup worked really well and meant nobody had to muddle these cocktails by hand and for a mixed crowd a tempered balance of Bourbon was better for most.

In terms of the Bourbon, I used a half-filled bottle of Buffalo Trace plus a nice 1.75ml bottle of Old Crow. And then I used about a half bottle of First Call Rye to add a bit of spice.

Batched Mint Julep
2 parts Bourbon
1 part Mint Syrup
½ part Water including large ice cubes to chill
Serve in a small glass with crushed ice and a mint sprig

Mint Syrup
1 cup water, heated
Add 1 cup granulated sugar, then stir to dissolve
Remove from heat and steep 1 cup mint leaves for 3-4 hrs
Chill in refrigerator