Broken Compass Tiki is Booming in Burbank

Broken Compass Tiki is a bar and restaurant in Burbank recently reopened with a tiki theme, replacing the previous pirate-theme when it was known as the Burbank Pub.

We dropped in on our way into L.A. at around 2:30 on a Saturday and found the place was packed. Like, having to wait 20 mins for a table packed. But it is easy to see why when there’s a very nice stone and bamboo decor thing happening, with lots of nautical elements and a few idols/tikis sprinkled in. Music was a nice mix of exotica, surf, and 60s lounge.

We were seated at a table in the lounge area next to the bar, which meant you had to order at the bar. This honestly took a long time as it looked like maybe they were one bartender short given the venue being at total capacity. Service was friendly once we got to the station, though it does seem that maybe the bar’s ship-hull layout is leading to inefficiencies for the bar staff to move around when needed.

We only had time for one round. Mrs. Mai Tai had the “Wake Me Up Before You Coco” which combined cold brew liqueur with coconut cream and cinnamon to a nice effect. My Mai Tai was fine, but leaned a little sour (could have used Demerara or rock candy syrup). They’re using good rums, and I even saw a couple bottles of Havana Club from Cuba on the back bar.

Broken Compass’ status as the new hotness seems to have resonated with locals given how packed they were. If you want to check it out, be sure to make a reservation.