Down the Hatch Game

Script (Minus Questions)

Get ready to match the stars:

As we play the star-studded, big-money Down the Hatch Game 2020.

Talk to the stars

Let’s greet our two players: 

Welcome to the Down the Hatch Game.

First, let’s welcome our first contestant, can you tell the audience a little about yourself.

And our second contestant is…

Here are the rules for today’s game.

We have two rounds where contestant will fill in the blank and attempt to match the answers written down by the panelists. The contestant who matches the most panelists in the two rounds will advance to the Super Match round. In the event of a tie, a tiebreak round will be used.

The first round questions have a variety of likely answers and the panelists are encouraged to reply with funny answers.

For the second round, the questions lead to fewer obvious answers. The panelists are encouraged to go for the obvious answer (not necessarily the funniest). Any panelist who matched in the first round will not play in the second. Panelists are encouraged to explain their choices and set up the answers for a punchline while revealing their answers.

During the first two rounds, matches that are “close” are permitted. Judgement calls are with the host.

Round 1

Our first contestant is __. Would you like Question A or Question B?

Everybody plays.

Read Question A
Read Question B

Round 2

Whoever is ahead goes first. Would you like Question A or Question B?

Who plays?

Read Question A
Read Question B

Tiebreaker Question:

Tiebreaker Question 2:

Audience Match

In this round there is a phrase and the contestant has to try and find the most popular answer to fill in the blank. The contestant can ask for help from three panelists and can use one or go with their own.

We asked the members of the Tiki for Everyone Facebook group and we got their best response to this:


The answer they gave most often is worth 500 points, the second most frequent is worth 250 points, and the third 100 points. If you get one correct you can go to the Super Match round where you can win up to 5000 points.

You can choose three panelists to give you some suggestions.

You can choose one of those or one of your own.

Let’s see the third most popular answer.
Let’s see the second most popular answer
Let’s see the most popular response.


Head to Head Match Super Match
The contestant tries to match with a single panelist exactly. It must be an exact match.

You won ___ and in the Super Match you can win ten times that amount.

Which panelist do you want to try and match?

Okay Panelist, listen carefully and please no suggestions from the audience or other panelists.

Here is the ___ Point Question.

How to Prepare


  • Be ready to tell an interesting or humorous fact about yourself
  • Dress to impress
  • It’s all in good fun, but you may want to loosen up with a cocktail


  • Get a pad of paper and use a thick, bold pen.
  • Dress to impress
  • Remember that in the first round that anything goes, the funnier the better. Consider setting up your answer by describing why you choose the answer, then revealing your answer.
    • “Well, my mother said if you have them show them. I said ‘Berries'”
    • Hold the answer to the camera so that other can see it
  • Go for the obvious answer in the second round. You want to try and match, even if it isn’t the funniest answer
  • Try to position yourself in the shot so that you are framed nicely
  • No helping the other panelists (in rounds where you’re not playing when you’ve already matched, and especially during the Super Match round).
  • If you have a cocktail while playing you’ll be following a grand tradition

Audience Participation and Post-Event Viewing

The group members of the Forbidden Ohana group will be invited to watch, but with minimal audio reaction and no helping the contestants or panelists.

If this goes well and nothing objectionable is said or done, I’d like to make this available for viewing afterwards on YouTube.